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The Criminal Investigation Division (CID) is comprised of one commander, one sergeant, eight detectives, and one transcriptionist/secretary.  The detectives thoroughly investigate crimes; the end result is criminals are arrested and incarcerated.  To become a detective, an Officer must have two years of experience with the Roswell Police Department.  Members of CID work as a team to decipher aspects of crimes committed.  The District Attorney's Officer, with the help of Detectives, decides appropriate charges for offenders.


One highly qualified clerical assistant works in CID.  The individual handles all transcriptions for the detectives, as well as manage telephone calls, and maintains CID databases.  The clerical assistant has a positive disposition and provides excellent customer service to both internal and external customers.


There are many different types of crimes CID investigates.  Homicides, child abuse, burglaries, arson, and internet crimes are just a few of the crimes CID investigates.


Just like all other divisions, the CID faces challenges.  One challenge is manpower.  The other hurdle the Criminal Investigations Division faces is that sometimes people know facts regarding certain crimes, but are reluctant to share the information with the detectives.  When detectives pursue facts, "any information [the public gives] helps," stated one Sergeant.  CID is dedicated to solving crimes.  All tips called in are greatly appreciated.  Anonymous tips can also be called in to Crime Stoppers (1-888-594-8477).


The CID is not only committed to solving crimes and ensuring criminals are behind bars; the detectives also try to help ease the victim's and/or families of victims fears/anxieties/pains.  One detective has worked in the CID for 6 out of the 14 years he's been with the RPD.  When asked what he likes most about his job, the detective's response was, "being able to help those who [for whatever reason] are unable to defend themselves."  The detectives help provide relief, or a sense of peace, when cases are solved and lawbreakers have been incarcerated.


The Roswell Police Department appreciates the devotion, and professionalism the Criminal Investigation Division provides to the RPD, victims and victims' families.


Please contact us if you have any tips on crimes committed.

RPD CID Email List:

CID Commander ebrackeen@roswellpolice.com
MEREDITH, S. CID Sergeant smeredith@roswellpolice.com
ROMERO, R. CID Detective richardromero@roswellpolice.com
MACIAS, L. CID Detective lmacias@roswellpolice.com
PRINCE, J. CID Detective jeffprince@roswellpolice.com
SCRIBNER, R. CID Detective rscribner@roswellpolice.com
ALDANA, A. CID Detective aaldana301@roswellpolice.com
BAILEY, B. CID Detective bbailey@roswellpolice.com
GOKEY, J. CID Detective jgokey@roswellpolice.com
POSEY, R. CID Detective rposey@roswellpolice.com
THOMAS, D. CID Detective dthomas@roswellpolice.com
FRESQUEZ, G. CID Detective gfresquez@roswellpolice.com
CID Clerical Assistant II


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