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Patrol Division


The Patrol Division works diligently 24-hours a day to ensure the safety of the Roswell community, and all visitors.  The Roswell Police Department patrolmen and women not only enforce the law, but also promote safety within the 29 square miles of the Roswell City limits.  Some Officers are cross commissioned with the Chaves County Sheriff's Office, which means the Officers can work within the City limits as well as Chaves County limits. 


All Officers have obstacles which must be overcome.  When asked about difficulties Officers sometimes face, an Officer who has 18 years with the Roswell Police Department, stated it is important to "not lose your temper."  The Officer went on to explain some of the benefits he sees as being a Patrol Officer.  He stated it is "nice not being in an office setting. . . you are always out and about responding to different situations."  Officers also have many incredible memories made throughout their careers.  One Officer, who has 24 years of law enforcement, was asked about his most unforgettable moment as an Officer.  The Officer stated it was when he "saved the life of a two year old after giving the child CPR".




School Resource Officers (SRO) are part of the Patrol Division.  The Roswell Independent School District (RISD) has the SROs within public schools not only to help deter any criminal activity, but to also be another positive resource for Roswell's youth.  One Officer with 15 years of law enforcement stated she likes being an SRO because she likes "helping young people make better choices."  Another SRO has worked as an Officer at the RPD since 2006.  He was eager to work as an SRO "because of the roles available. . . such as teaching and counseling in an attempt to make a difference in children's lives." Having SROs in schools allows for a more rapid response time, should they be needed.  Along with school guidance counselors, the School Resource Officers help guide students to make wise decisions in all aspects of their lives.  Thus helping Roswell's youth to become productive and positive members of society.  The Patrol Division is committed to continue developing positive relationships within the Roswell community.  Currently, the Roswell Police Department is pursuing qualified and committed citizens who possess the passion and fortitude to become law enforcement Officers with the City of Roswell (www.roswell-nm.gov). For additional information, or to obtain an application, contact the Training/Recruiting Officer at 575-624-6770 ext. 108, or the City of Roswell Human Resources office at 575-637-6268.


RPD Patrol Officer Email List: 


PATROL - Commander lmoody@roswellpolice.com
CORN, C. Patrol Sergeant ccorn@roswellpolice.com
ZAVALA, C. Patrol Sergeant czavala@roswellpolice.com
SHARPE, T. Patrol Sergeant tsharpe@roswellpolice.com
ROGERS, T. Patrol Sergeant trogers@roswellpolice.com
SMITH, J. Patrol Sergeant
STANTON, M. Patrol Sergeant mstanton@roswellpolice.com
HART, J. Patrol Sergeant (acting) jhart@roswellpolice.com
CHEROMIAH, H. Patrol Officer hcheromiah@roswellpolice.com
BASINAS, J. Patrol Officer jbasinas@roswellpolice.com
FRESQUEZ, G. Patrol Officer gfresquez@roswellpolice.com
FROSCH, C. Patrol Officer cfrosch@roswellpolice.com
FRY, M. Patrol Officer mfry@roswellpolice.com
HART, J. Patrol Officer jhart@roswellpolice.com
KING, C. Patrol Officer cking@roswellpolice.com
LOPEZ, M. Patrol Officer malopez257@roswellpolice.com
MATHIS, R. Patrol Officer rmathis@roswellpolice.com
MEREDITH, J. Patrol Officer jmeredith@roswellpolice.com
MOWBRAY, K. Patrol Officer kmowbray@roswellpolice.com
OLDANI, S. Patrol Officer soldani@roswellpolice.com
ROMERO, R. Patrol Officer rickyromero@roswellpolice.com
SANFORD, D. Patrol Officer dsanford@roswellpolice.com
THOMAS, D. Patrol Officer dthomas@roswellpolice.com
TUCKER, R. Patrol Officer rtucker@roswellpolice.com
WEEKLEY, K. Patrol Officer kweekley@roswellpolice.com
RHODES, A.  Patrol Officer arhodes@roswellpolice.com
ARMIJO, A.  Police Officer aarmijo@roswellpolice.com
ARROYO, J. Police Officer jarroyo@roswellpolice.com
HERRERA, M. Police Officer mherrera@roswellpolice.com
LONGBERG, G. Police Officer glongberg@roswellpolice.com
MASON, J. Police Officer jmason@roswellpolice.com
NGUYEN, T. Police Officer tnguyen@roswellpolice.com
SCHMITT, P. Police Officer pschmitt@roswellpolice.com
TUBBS, J. Police Officer jtubbs@roswellpolice.com
Police Officer jsmoyer@roswellpolice.com
WOOD, A. Police Officer awood@roswellpolice.com
COVARRUBIAS, A. Police Officer


BRADLEY, C. Police Officer cbradley@roswellpolice.com
LATTIN, B. Police Officer
MENDOZA, N. Police Officer
TORREZ, M. Police Officer mtorrez@roswellpolice.com
BEVERLY, B. Police Officer
Police Officer mflores@roswellpolice.com
Police Officer shough@roswellpolice.com
Police Officer
CARRASCO, G. Police Officer gcarrasco@roswellpolice.com
ALBA, A. Police Officer
PALOMBI, V. Police Officer vpalombi@roswellpolice.com
SWANTEK, R. Police Officer rswantek@roswellpolice.com
VANDERWEELE, K. Police Officer
SCOTT, J. Police Service Aide (PSA) jscott@roswellpolice.com
LOYA, H. Police Service Aide (PSA) hloya@roswellpolice.com
BARRIENTOS, M. Police Service Aide (PSA) mbarrientos@roswellpolice.com

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