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Special Investigations Division


The Special Investigations Division (SID) investigates illegal drug activity and crimes and monitors gang activity. The Special Investigations Unit operates under the philosophy that you should demand a safe, non-violent, drug free neighborhood in which to live, work and raise your family. Members of this Unit are dedicated to pro-active strategies targeting street level dealers and users that negatively impact your neighborhood and deprive you of a feeling of safety and security. As a law enforcement entity involved with the community we search for innovative ways to combat the threat posed by illegal drugs.

The Special Investigations Division works with other local, state and federal law enforcement agencies in combating illegal narcotic distribution networks. We work closely with members of the District Attorneys Office as well as the Assistant U.S. Attorneys in preparing successful prosecutions for drug related crimes and associated crimes of violence.

Illegal narcotics use and dealing is not a simple law enforcement problem. Rather it is a community problem and law enforcement is merely a part of the solution. Our drug problems in Roswell are similar to those in other local communities across the country. All citizens share a responsibility to take a stand against illegal drug use and work in partnerships to assist their community. The Special Investigations Division stands ready to continue to forge these relationships within our community.



Roswell Police Department SID Email List:

SID Commander
TAYLOR, M. SID Sergeant mtaylor@roswellpolice.com
ROBERTS, K. SID Detective kroberts@roswellpolice.com
CLAY, J. SID Detective jnclay@roswellpolice.com
MAHONE, M. SID Detective mmahone@roswellpolice.com
JUAREZ, G. SID Detective gjuarez@roswellpolice.com
SOTO, Y. SID Clerical Assistant ysoto@nmreg6.net


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