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Support Services Division


The Support Services Division is comprised of one commander, one sergeant, a records supervisor, two officers, the communication section, and nine civilians (seven of which work within the records section).  The commander and sergeant ensure the intricate subdivisions of the Support Services Division (SSD) work together to make sure objectives are met in a timely fashion.


The Records section is a subdivision of Support Services, which is guided by the records supervisor.  Records are maintained by seven individuals who do an excellent job keeping track of, and properly filing all reports for the Roswell Police Department (RPD).  Some paperwork they keep track of and file include:  adult arrests, juvenile citations, and accident reports.  The Records section also assists Roswell residents who need background checks for employment reasons.  The Records division supports all other divisions within the police department by finding, or helping to verify information requested by other RPD personnel.


One of the civilians is the administrative assistant for Support Services.  As administrative assistant, this individual is responsible for many things including fulfilling all requests made by Roswell Police Department personnel.  The administrative assistant also ensures warrants and criminal complaints reach the appropriate court.  A major project the administrative assistant is responsible for is accreditation.  In order for the Roswell Police Department to be accredited all policies and procedures must be documented.  Proof the policies and procedures are followed is also a key part of the accreditation process.


One of the officers within the Support Services Division is the Training Officer.  Various trainings are held throughout the year.  The trainings help officers ensure the safety of not only the officer, but citizens as well.  One particular exercise focuses on reality based training.  Officers participate in Solid Realistic Ongoing Verified Training (SROVT) to help be prepared for any situation.  The exercises use force on force training, however, all "tools" utilized (such as duty weapon, taser, etc.) are imitation "tools".  One of the main benefits of the constant training is Officers are able to overcome obstacles they may encounter while on patrol.  The training subdivision of the Support Services Division is dedicated to preparing officers both mentally and physically for any situation they may encounter.


The Training/Recruiting Officer also works within the Support Services Division.  The Training/Recruiting Officer is dedicated to pursuing and hiring citizens who are qualified and committed to enforcing the law.  Any individual who possesses the passion and fortitude to become Law Enforcement Officers with the City of Roswell are encouraged to apply.  Contact the Training/Recruiting Officer (575-624-6770 ext. 108) for additional information, or visit  The Training/Recruiting Officer also partners with McGruff the Crime Dog and visits places such as local schools, public library, etc. Topics of discussion with Roswell's youth range from safety to bullying. If you are interested in your school or organization partnering with the Training/Recruiting Officer and McGruff, contact 575-624-6770 ext. 108.



 Another civilian position within the division is the Public Information Liaison (PIL).  The role of the PIL is to ensure transparency without compromising investigations.  The Public Information Liaison works alongside law enforcement to ensure correct information is disseminated not only to media, but also to the public.  The PIL is committed to working with media to ensure the community of Roswell is accurately informed.


The Support Services Division is dedicated to serving personnel within the Roswell Police Department as well as the Roswell community.


RPD Support Services Email List:

BROWN, W.   Support Services - Commander
PRESTON, J. Support Services - Sergeant
FREDERICK, K. Support Services - Records Supervisor
HARRELL, L. Support Services - Training Officer
BRACKEEN, L. Support Services - Training/Recruiting Officer
WILDERMUTH, T. Support Services - Public Information Officer

Support Services - Clerical Assistant
DELACERDA, C. Support Services - Records Clerk
GONZALES, J. Support Services - Records Clerk
ORTIZ, V. Support Services - Records Clerk
Support Services - Records Clerk
ORTEGA, F. Support Services - Clerical Assistant II 
ORTEGA, V. Support Services - Clerical Assistant II 
STACY, T. Support Services - Clerical Assistant II 
SCHEIDERER, T. Support Services - Clerical Assistant II 
DAVEY, G. Support Services - Clerical Assistant II


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