SWAT Division



The Roswell Police Department’s SWAT (Special Weapons and Tactics) Team is a support resource within the police department. The team is also available to any local, regional, state, or federal law enforcement agency upon request.

The primary objective of the Roswell Police Department’s SWAT Team is to solve problems efficiently and effectively by: using whatever means are available, whatever force is reasonable and necessary, with minimal risk to all involved.

The following are examples of situations that, by their potentially violent and/or specialized nature, indicate the recommendation of SWAT Team mobilization.

Armed suspect(s) with hostages.
Rescue of hostage(s), trapped, or isolated officers.
Barricaded gunman or suspected barricaded gunman.
Service of search warrants on violent or potentially violent suspect(s).
Arrest of violent or potentially violent suspect(s)
Protection of police and firefighter personnel or equipment. involved in the suppression of civil disorder.
Riot or potential riot.
Any situation that requires or potentially requires the use of the SWAT Team’s specialized training, tactics and equipment.


The Roswell Police Department’s SWAT Team is committed to the safety of the community as well as officer safety.


Roswell Police Department