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The Technical Services Unit (TSU) is a two-part, specialized unit within the Criminal Investigation Division (CID) of the Roswell Police Department.  When fully staffed, the TSU has one sergeant, three detectives, and a highly trained civilian technician.  The Property Unit, within the TSU consists of one detective and one civilian technician.  The TSU sergeant supervises all personnel within the TSU and Property Unit.  "TSU is a ready and on call unit," explained a TSU Sergeant.  Due to the TSU being a specialized unit, response time to a crime scene is exceptionally fast.


The main job duties of personnel within the TSU are to locate, collect, and process evidence at crime scenes.  Just like all other areas within the Police Department, the TSU personnel are mandated to partake in 40 hours of various training each year.  TSU personnel are trained extensively in areas such as photography, handling forensic evidence, and gathering evidence.  Fingerprints are also handled by the Technical Services Unit.  Every Wednesday between 9:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. fingerprint cards are made.


 All evidence submitted to the RPD is controlled and maintained by the Property Unit.  One of the greatest benefits of the Property Unit is having the ability to store various items and keep them secure.  The Property Unit handles the releasing of items back to the proper owner.  According to policy, property which is deemed abandoned goes through a controlled disposal process.  Some items are incinerated; others are sent to auction.


The Technical Services Unit is "dedicated to not only serving the Roswell Police Department Investigators, but also the victims and their families," stated a TSU Sergeant.  When asked what one of the many benefits of having the TSU was, a sergeant answered, "TSU personnel work long and exhausting hours to help ease victims by assisting [RPD Investigators] to catch the bad guy."


The Roswell Police Department appreciates the enthusiasm, and meticulousness the Technical Services Unit/Property Unit provide to the RPD, victims and victims' families.  



RPD TSU Email List:


SMITH, R. TSU Sergeant ronsmith@roswellpolice.com
STEVENSON, S. TSU Detective sstevenson@roswellpolicedotcom
OCONNOR, D. TSU Detective
ROBERTS, K TSU Property Officer kroberts@roswellpolice.com
TEMPERO, J. TSU Technician jtempero@roswellpolice.com
WHITEBEAR, R. TSU Technician rwhitebear@roswellpolice.com

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